The Best Desk Accessories

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The Best Desk Accessories


True confessions – I am an extremely basic white girl and since fall is here and I don’t drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes (gasp!), I like to dive in to my other favorite fall item – school supplies. But I guess since I am an adult now, they are called “Office Supplies” which sounds ok, but not great. So I like to think of them as accessories for my desk. Just some pretty things to make me incentivized to organize.

I wanted to share some of my current desk obsessions and recommendations on how to make your office space look picture perfect.

1. I would write my to-do list every day with this pretty note pad. Copper and marble touches are pretty basic, but definitely in style.

2. Yes, your phone may tell you what day it is, but I am positive your phone wouldn’t brighten up your day like this wooden block calendar. And, how great does it feel to be able to turn the days over yourself and see how much progress you are making throughout the year!


3. A marble mouse pad?! Yes, please. Some people might say that there is a thing as too many marble accessories, but I am certainly not those people.


4. Show off all of your adorable pens and accessories in this cute desktop storage unit. I imagine this is something Joanna Gaines might use in one of her many amazing farmhouses. She would probably fill it with gold magnifying classes and greenery but I would probably fill it with…

5. PAPER MATE FLAIR PENS!!! They are my absolute favorite pens, because they don’t bleed through my Simplified Planner or my Power Sheets. And they come in a bazillion colors which makes writing a lot more fun. If you don’t have a favorite pen yet, I can’t recommend these enough. If you have a pen that you think holds a candle to the Paper Mate Flair pens, tell me in the comments below!

6. These inspirational file folders will get you organized, motivated and also add a pop of color to your desk. You could even skip using them as actual file folders and just let them be pretty and motivational and it would be worth the $5.99 price tag.


Grace, Not Perfection
7. Every desk needs a book, and I highly recommend one that is dual function (good looking and a good read). Grace, Not Perfection has been one of my favorite reads over the past couple of years because Emily Ley does such a good job in speaking to women who are doing it all. I found so many great ideas and tips from this book that have made my life a ton easier, all with the reminder that life isn’t about being perfect.

What are some of your desk must haves? Let me know in the comments below and I will add them to my list!


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  1. My day planner! It never leaves my desk and always open to the current week! 🙂

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