Best Mom Backpacks (That Hold Everything)

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There has been a trend over the past few years to move from a shoulder based diaper bag to a more trendy mom backpack.

Having a huge diaper bag hanging off your shoulder while trying to carry a baby and keeping a toddler from reaching her hand inside a public restroom trashcan is just not enjoyable.

Not to mention that when you carry a diaper bag on your shoulder, you lose a lot of the motion in that arm, and it is heavy as heck without giving you the toning workout that will bring you those awesome mom arms we were promised as a part of having kids.

Which is why I stand behind the upswell of diaper backpacks in the market place. They are functional, easy to carry and trendy as all get out.

With my first child, I used a more traditional shoulder diaper bag. But as a second-time mom, I knew better and I got a (couple) mom backpack.

I tried out several options before making my choices and have rounded up my top picks for the best mom backpacks. I used a steep criteria of functionality, style, and comfort so you can be sure that you are getting the best of the best when making the switch from diaper bag to diaper backpack.

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The Best Mom Backpacks

The Miss Fong Diaper Backpack is my go-to bag. I have even used it as my personal bag when I travel. There are a few different styles, but this one has a back pocket that can be unzipped so you can store the bag on the handle of your rolling luggage.

There is ample storage in this backpack and the straps don’t dig into your shoulders no matter how many diapers or packs of puffs you put in it. Ther are pockets for just about everything and there are two insulated pockets that are great for bottles or a travel mug of coffee.

The interior of this bag is also made of “wipe clean” material which has served me well on several occasions. You can get this mom backpack in 11 different colors.

The Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag is another very popular Mom Backpack. Wipe clean material inside and out, and it comes in a ton of different color choices (even a super cute leopard print).

The straps on this backpack aren’t very wide and I found them a little uncomfortable at times, but you could definitely take this backpack a couple of times around the zoo.

There is plenty of space in this bag and it is a perfect fit for an organized mom.

With the FP Diaper Bag, the biggest downside for me is the price. At $175, I found it a little pricey – but since you use your diaper bag almost daily, you certainly get your money’s worth.

The Honest Company City Backpack is another great mom backpack option. This one fits more like the backpacks you took to school and boy is it comfortable.

I love the maroon shade, but it also comes in cognac, black and a shimmery gold.

This backpack is great if you love to keep bags inside of bags. Like a snack bag; a small bag with a change of clothes; a storage bag just for diapers and wipes. There is a lot of open room here so you can create your own organization system.

This bag is also eco-conscious with its vegan leather.

If you are looking for cost-effective – this bag is it. Under $25 and on Amazon Prime! It is also very cute and has a ton of positive reviews.

There a lot of small pockets and this backpack was designed for the mom who needs some storage guidance. So you have a pre-planned place for all of your items to be stored. It is great because they have thought of everything, but the downside is that you don’t have a lot of options to change up where you store things if their premade pockets aren’t the best fit for you.

If you are just wanting to try out the mom backpack trend, this bag is a great entry point.

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If you are looking for a great travel backpack – this is a solid pick. I have taken this mom backpack on multiple trips and it has been fantastic.

This bag is sturdy enough to handle being shoved under an airplane seat and cute enough to get compliments from moms in line behind you at security.

There is so much space in this bag that I could pack enough snacks to keep a 2-year-old happy on a 7-hour red-eye flight from Hawaii.

So basically, this mom backpack is magic.

The Calpak backpack is not designed to be a diaper bag, so it is great if you don’t have kids who are a little older and don’t require bottles.

I love this bag and carry it to work or on trips. I use it a lot when I am out running errands or going to work at a coffee shop. There are two sizes, one that fits a 13in laptop and one that fits a 15in laptop (pictured).

There is a lot of space in the pockets and they are deep so you can tote quite a few items. Perfect for coloring books and iPads.

Since this isn’t made as a diaper bag, it is not a wipe-clean type of material, but it is very durable.

Are you on board with the mom backpack trend? Let me know what your recommendations you have for the best mom backpack list in the comments below!

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