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The Best Newborn Items for 0-3 Months

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I have found that the bigger your life transition, the more Amazon boxes are delivered to your house. In the event of having a newborn baby, there is typically 1-2 Amazon packages that arrive on our doorstep daily.

With pregnancy brain and taking care of other kids, it can be easy to forget some of the essentials items that you need to have stocked for a new baby. And since having kids and working from home has made me somewhat of an Amazon expert, I wanted to share all of the items that I have ordered from Amazon since we brought home our newest baby.

These items are focused on the 0-3 month age. There are still quite a few things on our Amazon registry that we haven’t bought yet because we won’t need them for another 3-6 months and we only have one 15% off purchase left.

Pro tip: If you don’t know already, creating an Amazon registry is really smart to do with each kid even if you aren’t going to have a shower. Amazon will let you take 15% off everything on your registry – which is amazing when you are buying some of those larger items like car seats or cribs. But you can only use that 15% discount on two orders. So I recommend making one large order right before the baby arrives with all of the immediate need items for a newborn (diapers, wipes, sound machine) and then make another order after the baby arrives (hopefully with a few gift cards that come in from friends and family) for the bigger items (car seats, stroller, larger size clothes).

I will preface that not all of the items I have ordered are absolutely essential to the health and wellbeing of your newborn. But, since this isn’t my first go round, these are items that I have found make the first few months with a baby MUCH easier!

Newborn Baby Items to Add to your Amazon Cart

Breastfeeding Products

Haakaa Manual Breast Pump – I am breastfeeding and did a lot of reading up before my baby got here on how to increase my supply since I had a hard time with that when I breastfed my first baby. The Haakaa is a pump that you use on one breast while your baby is nursing on the other breast. A lot of my friends said that they would catch 2-4 oz of let down milk with this pump – which is a great way to build up your milk stores so you can be free to take a date night or a day without kids!

Milksaver – This serves a similar purpose as the Haakaa, but is much more discrete. I can stick this in my bra while my baby nurses on the other side and the Milksaver usually catches 1-2 oz of let down milk. This is easy to take in my diaper bag and use if I have to nurse while we are out of the house.

Milk storage bags – I thought I had a pretty good stock of these left over from my last baby, but once we came home from the hospital, I realized that we only had 10 bags left. Thanks to Amazon for making it easy to stock up on these during one of my 3 AM feedings.

Extra Pump Parts – I had forgotten how much I hated having to wash out my pump parts every day. I am using the Spectra S1 pump this time around (which is already better than the Medela Freestyle I used previously) and I only had one set of parts when I came home from the hospital. After a couple of days, an extra set of Spectra parts was in my Amazon cart to save me a little bit of time washing.

Diapers and Such

Diapers – One thing I didn’t order many of before baby was born were diapers. Since we weren’t sure how much he would weigh, I didn’t want to order a bunch of newborn diapers and then have to ditch those to move up immediately into size 1 diapers.

Our son was born just over 7 lbs., so the first night in the hospital I made a quick Amazon order of newborn diapers so we would have some ready for us when we got home.

I also highly recommend setting up diapers on your Amazon Subscribe and Save order because you can get 20% off your order each month.

Munchkin Disposable Diaper Bags – I completely forgot about how much newborn babies poop. With our toddler, we are in the phase where she is potty trained enough that we haven’t changed a diaper in a few months. But now we find ourselves needing to change poopy diapers all the time and everywhere. And not everywhere has an easy access trashcan – but the last thing you want to do is have to stash a poopy diaper in your diaper bag unprotected.

These disposable diaper trash bags are perfect for containing that dirty diaper while you are out and about. And since this is our second child, we are out and about way more than with our first kid. So we are going through quite a few of these.


Stroller Fan – We hadn’t used our stroller much once our toddler was walking well enough to keep up with us (mostly because she demanded she was a big girl and only babies rode in strollers). So we had not realized that our little stroller fan from over 2 years ago had completely died.

I bought this little fan from Amazon and have loved it so far. It has 3-speed settings which is perfect for the heat of Houston, and it is rechargeable – which saves on the cost of batteries.

Baby Water Ring Sling – I ordered this after seeing my friend Sarah post about it on her Instagram and since we have a summer baby, this seemed like a no brainer. Especially since we are already going to the pool multiple times a week with our toddler. This sling will allow me to actually get in the pool and not have to sit on the sidelines all summer!

Night Light – This has been so helpful for late night feedings. I just have to tap the top of it to get it to turn on and it has several brightness levels so I can be sure that I can see what I need to, but it doesn’t give off so much light that it makes the baby hard to get back to sleep. And I love that this night light doesn’t look super childish, so my nightstand still looks pretty.

Sound Machine – We have this same sound machine in our toddler’s room and it works great. We ordered this one to go in our room for the first few months while the baby sleeps in the bassinet with us. Once he moves upstairs to his crib, we will put this sound machine up there with him.

Sound machines are fantastic for a few reasons. First, it helps cover up some of the small noises and movements that babies make that freak us moms out and keep us awake just to stare at our infants to make sure they are ok. I get much better sleep when we have a sound machine on in our room.

Second, turning the sound machine on at night will help your baby to get into a nighttime routine and figure out their day and night reversal more quickly. When that sound machine comes on, they will start realizing that it means it is time to go to sleep.

Things for Mom

Postpartum Belly Wrap – When you have a c-section, they give you one of these in the hospital to help you feel more stable as you get up and walk around (since your abdominal core was just sacrificed to get your bundle of joy). My wrap from the hospital is a little bulky when I wear it under clothes, so I ordered this version from Amazon and it is much less noticeable under my clothes.

I have heard from other moms that wearing a belly wrap after a c-section can prevent you from getting the “c-section shelf” (a small bump of fat just over your scar that doesn’t go away with diet and exercise). My doctor said that is not accurate and some people are just blessed to not get the shelf. It does not appear that I am one of the chosen few – but I am going to keep wearing my belt just in case miracles happen.

Those are all of the things I have ordered on Amazon in our first 3 weeks with baby #2! It doesn’t seem as long as I thought it would, and my husband probably feels like this list is much too long. But these items are certainly making my life easier as we move from parents of 1 to parents of 2 – and convenience is key at this point in the game!

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