Creating Your Perfect Summer Family Bucket List

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Summertime can be an absolute blast, but if you don’t have plans, that 12 week period of time with your kids can fly right by without you being able to take advantage of the opportunities to make memories. That is why it is important to make a Family Summer Bucket List.

It can be fun to take an evening and sit down as a family to add items to your bucket list. But I do have some suggestions to how you put together your list to make sure that you, Mom, don’t get stuck doing only activities picked by your kids.

When putting together the perfect bucket list, you need to gather a good mix of several different types of activities. Adventure, Relaxation, and Quality Time.

By picking items from each category will help you last all summer long without getting completely burned out from nothing but adventure activities. And focusing on sprinkling in dedicated quality time will make sure that your summer is full of life-long memories.

Create the Perfect Family Summer Bucket List



    • Take a hike
    • Vacation with the kids – use these vacation planning tips to put together the best trip possible.
    • Watch fireworks for the 4th of July
    • Waterskiing at the lake
    • Take swim lessons – if everyone knows how to swim, take scuba lessons!
    • Visit a water park
    • Spend time at the science museum
    • Get soaked at a splash pad
    • Plant a garden – This goes in the adventure column for me because it always seems like a big adventure to keep the plants alive.
    • Have a water balloon fight – it is more adventurous if you don’t tell dad about this before you strike.
    • Participate in a cannonball contest
Family Summer Bucket List - mom and daughter at the zoo
Quality Time at the Zoo!


    • Vacation with no kids
    • Create an in-home spa day – Get this face mask pack to do mini facials!
    • Day trip to the beach or lake
    • Read a book with no pictures – this one is not so much for the kids, but you would love it.
    • Dedicate a Sunday afternoon to family nap time
    • Have a Social Media Free Weekend
    • Family movie night
    • Open a Lemonade Stand – this is only relaxing if your kids are old enough to do all the work. And you just drink the lemonade.
    • Blow Bubbles – save your breath and get this bubble machine.
    • Start a new hobby – Get some ideas here.
    • Build a sandcastle

Family Summer Bucket List - at a baseball game
Making memories at a Houston Astros game!

Quality Time

  • Family Slip n Slide
  • Firepit Smores
  • Visit the zoo
  • Go stargazing
  • Visit a strawberry farm and pick fresh berries
  • Plan a picnic
  • Write your own storybook – this is a great rainy day activity for kids. Because you can only read The Rainbow Fish so many times in one sitting.
  • Go to a baseball game
  • Bake cookies together
  • Have a driveway chalk art exhibit – AKA let the kids run wild with the chalk sticks
  • Make a trip to the aquarium
  • Volunteer at a Food Bank – or the SPCA (if you are ready to adopt a puppy) or wherever your church recommends
  • Make homemade popsicles – see this awesome list of popsicle recipes.
  • Paint a family painting
  • Make tye-dye shirts
  • Have a picnic by the pool – Find your cute mom approved swimsuit here.

Family Summer Bucket List - mom and daughter building sandcastles at the beach

What else do you have on your family summer bucket list? I hope you are making lots of memories and getting a little R&R yourself!


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  1. There are some great ideas on here! This is my first summer with the little one at home, so this is very needed.Thanks!

  2. I’ve been struggling making a list, this is a super helpful start!

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