Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas and Reveal

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Upgrading all the decor from a nursery to a big-girl room can be overwhelming! We loved getting to set up this glam little girl bedroom for our daughter and wanted to share all the cute toddler girl bedroom ideas with this room reveal!


As we planned for the arrival of our new baby boy, we took inventory of how many cribs we had in our home and discovered that it was just one crib. And since we are still replacing our furniture after losing most of it during Hurricane Harvey, we are on a budget and can’t be spending all our funds on multiple cribs.

Which meant that our little girl was going to get upgraded to a big girl room and transition out of the crib so we could make space for little bro!


Once we decided that we were going to get her set up in a new room that she could grow into, I immediately went to Pinterest to search for all the cute toddler girl room ideas. I found so much great inspiration and decided that I wanted to make sure the room was decorated in a way that our daughter could enjoy it for several years, and not just during her toddler stage. Which also meant that we would get more bang for our buck and I wouldn’t have to redecorate in just a year or two.

She loves princesses and all things Disney, but I didn’t want to go too princess crazy just in case that isn’t the flavor of the week a short time from now. But I did take her princess obsession and went with a more ‘glam’ style so that she could feel like she was a princess every night when she went to sleep.

And since we were essentially furnishing two rooms at once (baby boy’s nursery and the big girl room) we wanted to make sure we did this on a budget! I loved finding items that looked pricey from Amazon or Wayfair but that were actually extremely well priced. And we did a few DIY projects to help stretch those dollars a bit farther.


Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas



When we moved into our house, we had all of the bedrooms painted the same color, Sherwin Williams Monorail Silver. This wall color is a great gray that has a more blueish tone to it and I find that it has worked really well with each bedroom and the different styles we each have.

I love how this paint color looks with the pinks and golds in her room almost as much as I love not having to paint a bedroom while I was pregnant.



I am always a little nervous to commit to a certain style as I get started decorating a room. I put a few pieces in my online shopping cart and then take a look to see if there is anything that starts to feel like a collective theme.

As I was searching for ideas, I saw this white fluffy rug on Amazon and took off in that direction. I found a bench that matched it and loved the gold accents that just make it that much more glamorous.

The bedding is that perfect dusty pink that works so well with the wall color. And I love that it doesn’t feel too grown up and mature, but it doesn’t scream “TODDLER PRINCESS ROOM” either.

The statement piece in the room is definitely the mirrored dresser. This was something my husband and I went back and forth on because in his view (rightly so) a mirrored dresser was probably more than we can trust a toddler to handle with care. And in my view, our daughter is the most cautious toddler I’ve ever met. She also isn’t big into hitting things or banging toys around, so I wasn’t really worried about her breaking it.

I put out a poll on Instagram and actually got a lot of great feedback from others who owned mirrored dressers or even one response from an OT who said that having mirrors in a toddlers room is beneficial to their brain development. SOLD.

I am glad we went for it because I love how it looks and it really does bump up the glam factor 10 fold.



We have kept it pretty light on the wall decor for now, but I love the pieces that we have in here.

The painting over her bed brings out the color palette we were going for with the whole room. It was also on major sale when I bought it which was awesome for our budget.

The pink frames with floral prints on her wall was a little craft project I did, and I am not crafty at all. I bought a Rifle Paper Co. wall calendar and cut out the prints to size them to the 7×10 frames. The frames were something I found at a craft store and they were already painted that pink color which made it even easier for me. We had them placed above her crib previously, and I think it is special that we can keep using them as she grows up.

The artwork over her dresser is a custom painting that was gifted to me at one of her baby showers. It is done by a local artist and I just love the way that it looks in her new big girl room.


Items linked below: Gold Accented Wall Art Painting | Headboard | Bedding & Pillows | Monogrammed Accent PillowMirrored Dresser | White Fluffy Bench | White Fluffy Rug | Storage Basket | Nightstands | Custom Painting – Jule Jackson | Pineapple Vase – Similar | White Jewelry Box – Similar | Rifle Paper Co Wall Calendar | Frames – Similar

Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Decor - pink and gold bedspread Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom Ideas - nightstand decor Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom decor ideas - glam and pink Cute Toddler Girl Bedroom decor - rifle paper co DIY wall art Cute Toddler girl bedroom decor - pink and gold


There are still a few more updates that I would love to add to our glam toddler room, but I am waiting until I can get the best deals (or until things calm down after baby bros arrival!).

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