5 Simple Ways to Find More Time in Your Day

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Think back to the last time someone asked you “How’s it going?!”. More than likely, your response was something like “Oh good. Staying busy!”. I am right, aren’t I? I feel pretty confident about that because I respond that way all the time. I don’t think I have ever responded with “Oh so good! I couldn’t have fewer things to do!”.  Our days are full of things to do. But most of the time, we feel so busy and overwhelmed because we are bad at prioritizing our time.


How can you find more time in your day?

First, think about all of the tiny, little things that cause distractions in your day. How can you take action steps to minimize or eliminate those distractions?


Then, make an effort to streamline the daily tasks that you have to do. Look at how you can simplify things, like getting ready in the morning, or making dinner in the evenings.


And finally, write down your go to routines and stick to them. To be clear, this does not mean that you fail every time you don’t stick to that routine perfectly. You are only writing this routine down because that makes it way more likely that you will stick to it. But we aren’t looking for perfection here. All you need is progress and that is a huge success!


I am constantly getting to the end of my day and wondering “How did it get to be so late?!”. Because of that, I took a good look at some of the specific causes of time sucking in my day. I used what I found in my own schedule, and additional research around other things that take up time in the average persons day, and I put together a 5 day course that gives you a step by step guide to streamline those tasks. It has helped me get AT LEAST 1.5 – 2 hours back in my day. With that extra time, I can spend more time with my daughter, work out, or read a book (maybe even with a bubble bath!). And did I mention that this course is FREE?!


What could you do with extra time in your day?


Make more time for the things that matter to you! Sign up for the 5 day free email course and get simple time saving steps sent right to your inbox. At the end of  5 days, you will be so thrilled at the time you have free to spend on your favorite things


So are you in?! Sign up below!


What could you do with 1 to 2 extra hours in your day? Find more time in your day by using these simple steps to make time for what matters.

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  1. Shelby @Fitasamamabear says:

    Great post! I think random social media activity sucks time. Since I started designating specific times to check my socials it’s saved me more time throughout the day. All those 15min intervals add up!

    1. You are so right, Shelby! The majority of my distracted time is because of social media. Glad you have the discipline to set a designated social media time!

  2. Hey! Right on time! I have just started a two week declutter course/challenge and then stumbled upon this, which I am sure will come in handy. So glad I found your blog and course, Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. So glad I could be a part of your decluttering journey, Joleisa!

  3. Brilliant information, thank you so much for sharing! I often stretch out my tasks so much further than they need to be. These tips will definitely help tie things together so I can finish earlier in the day and relax. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you, Ashlee! I am glad that I could help you get some of your day back!

  4. Loved this! I know with my busy schedule it’s constantly hard to find more time in the day to do things! Relevant read

    1. Thanks! I hope you can use some of the tips to free up some time in your schedule!

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