5 Fitness Bloggers to Follow for Inspiration

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We all know that we should work out and take care of our bodies. Some of us have super self-dicipline and make physical activity a top priority. Others of us are normal humans who are trying to balance, work, motherhood, housework, loving our spouses, maintaining a social life, and watching The Bachelor. Which means that sometimes we tend to drop the workouts from our routines.


I have learned that I tend to be more commited to something (eating well, working out, making strides in my career) when I have someone to look up to. I have started following several fitness bloggers/influencers who are really helping me want to step up my work out game. Sharing these awesome fitness experts with you in hopes that you are also inspired and we can add a little more movement into our schedules!



Karina and Katrina, the ladies of Tone It Up, are pretty much #goals. They put up free workouts on their website and host pretty frequent challenges that you can follow along with to get in shape with a large group of women. These girls are energetic and FUN. And they shoot most of their workouts in beautiful locations, which adds even more fun to their work outs. They also recently launched a line of workout equipment and protien powders at Target.

K&K share quick workouts, nutirition tips and general fitspriration on their instagram channel.



Cassey Ho of Blogilates has been putting free workouts online for a long time. And she rocks at it. I don’t think I have ever been as close to a 6 pack as I was when I followed one of her workout plans for a couple of months. Miss. Ho knows what she is doing in getting even the most beginner of us to start making fitness a part of the daily routine. Be sure to check out her library of free workouts at Blogilates.com

Follow Cassey on Instagram to get inspiration all things fitness including body image and celebrating yourself in every size.



I don’t know about you but I love a good before and after, and Weight Watchers shows these off all the time. There are also so many great recipies that they share, which are all WW approved of course. And unlike so many other fitness channels, Weight Watchers recipies are so much more delicious than just 3 pieces of kale sprinkled with some tomatos.

If you aren’t on a Weight Watchers program, following on Instagram is a great way to get the Weight Watchers insider tips for free.



Growing up, my family watched The Biggest Loser religiously, which is why Jillian will always feel like the queen of fitness to me. Before my wedding, I was really into her 30 day shred program (started 14 days before the wedding) and those workouts made it clear that she knows what she is talking about.

Jillian’s social channels are filled with recipies, inspirational quotes, work out tips and the occasional four letter word.



Kayla Itsines is one of the most in shape ladies there is. She is from Australia and created the incredibly successful Bakini Body Guides, which is a 12 week work out program that I hear people have great success with. I myself have only made it to week 3 on several separate occasions.

On her Instagram account, Kayla posts quick workouts that you can do and some really cool fitness tricks that you probably can’t do. Plus, did I mention she is Australian. 50 bonus points for the accent.


Where do you pull your fitspiration from? I would love to add some other fitness accounts to my follow list as I tackle my 2018 goal of making fitness a consistent part of my routine!

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