Halloween Costume Ideas for Toddler Girls

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Halloween is such a fun time of year with the pumpkins and the decorations and the TRICK OR TREATING!

Now that I have kids, it is so much fun to relive the magic of getting to dress up on Halloween. But what I do not like is the weeks/months of trying to figure out what costume to put Kinsley in. It has to be easy because I do not have the skills nor the time to be super crafty. And it has to be fairly cheap because in the toddler years I am not guaranteed more than 3 minutes in any outfit.


I have scoured the internet and found several great options of toddler Halloween costumes that won’t break the bank and will be comfortable enough that you may even get them to keep it on long enough for photos!




Grandmas – I have seen this done a couple of times and it is actually the most adorable thing ever.


Little Red Riding Hood – Bonus points if dad or mom dresses up like the big bad wolf.


Madeline – This gives you an excuse to eat macaroons while you are out trick or treating.


Minions – So easy to put together and the toddler babble will make it feel like the real deal.


Alice in Wonderland – Tea time anyone?


A League of Their Own – So stinking cute. Let’s go girls!


Morton’s Salt Girl – I am really into this option because I likely have all of these items in my house. And it is a classic!


Boo from Monster’s Inc – Last minute? No problem!


Raggedy Ann – Kinsley was Raggedy Ann for her first Halloween and she wore the same Raggedy Ann costume that I did for my first Halloween. This will forever be my favorite little girl costume!


Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Glam up Halloween a little bit!


Wilma Flinstone – WILMAAAAAAA


Flamingo – Grab a roll of pink tulle from Hobby Lobby and you will be all set here!


Game Show Contestant – Likely the most comfortable costume you could do because your kid can just wear her own clothes and you can safety pin the name tag on!


Gumball Machine – This might take a little bit of craftsmanship, but nothing you can’t do in 30 minutes the night before the 31st.


Rosie the Riveter – We CAN Do it!


Mouse Trap – Making the mouse trap platform can be a dad job. Just find some little mouse ears and you are done!


Mary Poppins – Just a spoonful of sugar and this costume is done.


Moana – Highlight of this costume is getting to play the soundtrack the whole time you are trick or treating. Best for a warm climate (like Texas).


Dorthy – I want to ask the Wizard for an easy Halloween costume. Blue Dress, Red Shoes – thanks Oz.


Tall Caramel Frappuccino – I would say that a Pumpkin Spice Latte is more in season.


Lucy & Ethel – Have 2 girls? That is perfect for this classic dream team!



What is your toddler girl going to be for Halloween this year?

Leave me your costume ideas in the comments below!

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