Healthy Snacks for Toddlers

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Any mom knows the value of keeping your kitchen stocked with healthy snacks for toddlers and kids of all ages. It doesn’t matter if you are just trying to tide them over before dinner or if you need snacks for toddlers on the go – it sure makes life less stressful if you have a well-stocked snack drawer!




Cheese Sticks

These are a go-to in our family because I can unwrap the cheese stick and our daughter (with her whopping 3 teeth) can walk around and feed herself a cheese stick while I get dinner ready (or watch the Bachelor).
I also feel like cheese sticks are always sold in bulk and they don’t expire as quickly as fruit or yogurt might. You might take that as a negative, but I think that is an A++.


Did you know that they sell yogurt in POUCHES?! I can give these to my daughter and she can (mostly) feed herself. It is not a mess-free snack, but it is a fairly nutritious snack that can be administered (for the most part) without you.

Fresh Cut Fruit

Probably my favorite thing about the grocery store in this stage of motherhood is that they sell pre-cut fruit. I love getting the mixed assortments of fruit with saves me TONS of time when prepping snacks for the next day.
No longer do I have to cut up fruit from its original form. The grocery store has already taken care of getting rid of seeds and stems and skin so all I have to do is implement a little portion control.
I send fruit in little bowls (like these) with my daughter to daycare every day and with the mixed berry & kiwi fruit bowls from HEB, it takes me about 2 minutes to prep an entire week worth of snacks.



The simplicity of raisins is that you can keep those individual packs in your purse for the one time you forget the diaper bag. Which for me is actually one time a weekend.


Veggie Burgers

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Prager’s Veggie Burgers. They are frozen patties that you can get ready for a screaming child in under 5 minutes and these sneaky little burgers sucker your kids into eating (and loving) their veggies.
My daughter actually prefers these veggie burgers over actual burgers. Which I think is blasphemy, but I won’t tell her that until she is 18.

Peanut Butter/Nut Butter

Need to add some protein to your kid’s diet? Put peanut butter on everything.
We love peanut butter on bananas, waffles, and tortillas. It is a super easy way to step up your snacks just a little bit and make them more well rounded.
It does get a little messier, but if our breakfast room had to smell like anything stale, peanut butter seems good to me.


Cheerios have been a winner for us. They are easy to take to-go. They are easy to put on her high chair as I buy time while cooking. They are hands down the easiest snack.
I don’t love that Cheerios are super easy for our daughter to throw on the ground while thinking it is a game, but they don’t make my dog sick, so I can get over that.


We love scrambled eggs because the adults are happy eating them as well.
Scrambled eggs only take a few minutes to make and they are full of protein.
Hard-boiled eggs are also a good solution to send to daycare. If you need help with the learning curve of making hard-boiled eggs, you can always try this fancy (yet cost-effective) tool that does all the hard work for you (and is under $15).


Crackers all day, please. I love that there are so many types of crackers. Goldfish, Wheat Thins, Ritz Bits. So much variety!
You can even get crackers that sneak in veggies like these Good Thins.
I love the ease of crackers and the provide a little challenge for my daughter since she only has three teeth, which slows down her massive appetite a bit.


Keeping your fridge and pantry stocked with toddler-friendly snacks is going to make mom life so much easier for you. Most of these products you can get on Subscribe & Save with Amazon so you are sure to never run out and you get up to 15% savings on those subscription products.


What are some of your favorite snacks to keep on hand with toddlers? Let me know in the comments!


If you are looking for some good recipes for toddlers, check out these 40 Healthy Toddler Recipies from The Lean Green Bean!


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  1. Hi Mattie,
    Thanks for the healthy list. My 6 years son love Yogurt and Egg much more 🙂

    1. Yogurt and eggs are at the top of our list too! 😊

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