An Honest Review of the 2021 Powersheets

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It is no secret that I have loved the whole product suite of Lara Casey and her Cultivate What Matters team. Ever since a good friend gave me her first book, “Make It Happen”, I have eaten up everything Lara has had to say about everything. If obsession is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

The same friend who gave me the “Make It Happen” book, also turned me onto Powersheets as a goal-setting method. It seems my friend and I may both be obsessed with Lara and I am glad to have some company!

2021 will be my sixth year as a Powersheets user. I can honestly say that they have been a huge reason why I have made so much progress in areas that I have been wanting to improve upon for years.

Which is why I am super excited that the 2021 Powersheets are now on sale! Not only are they great for goal setting, they also make great Christmas gifts (and we all want to be the family member giving the best Christmas gifts).

I know it is hard sometimes to make a decision to buy something from an online store because you can’t see the product or “can it really be as good as they say it is?” (yes). And in an effort to help answer those questions, I am covering my favorite features of the 2021 Powersheets

What Are Powersheets?

Great question! One of the common thoughts is that Powersheets are just another planner. But that isn’t correct.

This is a Goal Setting Workbook.

There is a monthly calendar spread included in the tab for each month, but this isn’t a tool that would replace your day planner or your digital google calendar. The monthly spread is there for you to use to give yourself deadlines on action items for your goals. I don’t actually use that calendar page, but I like that it is there as an option.

The Powersheets are there to help you dream up your big ideas, put them down on paper, and then break those goals down into actionable steps.

If you struggle with goal setting, or finishing what you start, Powersheets could be a great tool for you!

What changed from 2020 to 2021?

Since this is my sixth year using Powersheets, I have seen this workbook change from year to year and I am always excited to see what is new.

This year, the planner is more colorful than years past. One of the things I love about the Cultivate What Matters brand is the beautiful design of their products.

Even if their planning tools just sit on your desk, they will look amazing and bring inspiration.

But I promise you won’t just leave these Powersheets to collect dust.

The other change is that they seem to focus more on the 90 day goal planning cycle. They introduced this concept a few years ago by adding in a goal refresh section at the start of every quarter.

And with the 2021 Powersheets, the goal refresh section has been more streamlined, so you can rewrite all of your goals on one page prior to the start of the 90 day cycle.

Now that we know what has changed, let’s get into the consistent features of the Powersheets that I love!



The Powersheets goal setting workbook has an awesome section at the start of the planner called “Prep Work”.

The purpose of this Prep Work is to help get you to dig deep and figure out what you are really wanting to get out of your upcoming year (or 6 months if you go with the 6-month version of the Powersheets).

The Prep Work is probably my favorite step and I love spending a week in December working through the reflections on the past year and evaluating how I want to improve for the year ahead.

There is also the Life Evaluation page that is included in the Prep Work section and also at the start of each 90 day refresh.

The Life Evaluation worksheet that helps you rank eight areas of your life on a 1-10 scale and write out why you gave yourself that score.

This page is always so helpful to me to identify where I might be struggling (or where I am doing great!) so I can determine how best to prioritize my time over the next 90 days.

Have you ever seen someone at a carnival who spins plates on tiny sticks? They can put a spinning plate on a stick and then put their stick on their chin and then hold two more sticks with spinning plates in their hands?

We have a lot of spinning plates in our lives. Friends, Faith, Family, Finances (all F words?!), Work, Health, Marriage/Relationships etc.

You can’t spin all your plates at once. This Life Evaluation page is a great way to visually see what plates in your life are spinning fine on their own, and which plates you need to start spinning so they don’t fall and break.


The Wildcard pages are sold separately, or you can download them for free on the Cultivate What Matters website and print them out yourself.

These pages can be taped into your Powersheets workbook and have different focuses that are aids to common goals.

Examples of Wildcard pages:


One of the things that I have struggled with in years past is not putting together good goals. No ways to measure them. No timelines. No guidelines of what progress looks like.

But with the Powersheets, all of those things are spelled out in a concise worksheet. These worksheets have helped me plan out my goals with action items and progress points. I use these action plans to plan out what my goals would need to be each month in order to hit them by the end of the year. In typical fashion, that hasn’t worked out on any one of my yearly goals, but I have made progress on all of them which is what matters!


The Monthly Tending List is where you are going to spend the most time in your Powersheets.

Each month you fill out your monthly, weekly and daily goals for that month.

This page is perforated so you can take it with you in your planner or put it somewhere that works best for you.

I don’t tear mine out because I just keep my whole Powersheets workbook on in my nightstand and check off my boxes then.

If you need a better look at how the Tending List might be filled out, check out one of my Monthly Goal posts!


The quarterly goal refreshes are an awesome feature in the 2021 Powersheets because it gives you the freedom to change up your goals if you determine that your yearly goals aren’t quite working out.

A lot can happen in a year.

Absolutely nobody in January of 2020 could have predicted where we would be just 3 months into the year.

I had to scrap several of my goals (travel related) and change them out for something that was more realistic based on our current situation.

If plans change, it doesn’t mean that your uncompleted goals are a faliure or that the rest of the year is a wash.

Just pivot and refresh your goals.

If you don’t need to refresh your goals, you can just use this section as a way to check in on your progress from the last 3 months!


While the Powersheets workbook is extremely useful, it also looks pretty dang good in an Instagram shot with a cup of coffee. It really is gorgeous and can hold its own on a coffee table.

Each Powersheets book comes with a sheets of stickers and they are so shiny and lovely and I am about 100% positive that the majority of them will end up on my daughter’s face at some point.

So I did get a separate goal setting sticker book to be sure that I have enough stickers to get me through the year and let Kinsley have her fun as well.

Are you ready to join me as a 2021 Powersheets user?!

If you do, come find me on Instagram and let me know! I am going to be starting a group of us Powersheets friends who can support each other during the year and work on our tending lists each month

The Best Deal on 2021 Powersheets

The best way to buy the 2021 Powersheets is through a custom bundle – this gets you EVERYTHING you need to do you powersheets in style.

The Custom Bundle gets you 1 set of 2021 Powersheets plus 6 accessories of your choice.

Accessory options:

  • Sticker Book
  • Powersheets accessory pouch
  • Little By Little journal
  • Color Coding Markers
  • Tending (washi tape)
  • Break It Down desk pad
  • Weekly Planner desk pad
  • Wildcard pages pack

You can check out the bundle option here.

But you don’t have to have the bundle, all you really need is the Powersheets Goal Planner and the desire to make 2021 your best year yet.

Check out a few of my other favorite Cultivate Shop Products: 

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