Housewarming Gifts to make your Friends New Home Feel Warm

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Moving into a new home can be a tad bit overwhelming. And there can be added pressure to get things looking perfect as friends and family want to come over and see your new place. Currently, a bunch of my friends are moving back into their homes after rebuilding from Hurricane Harvey, so we are attending quite a few housewarming parties! We also just moved due to Hurricane Harvey so I have gotten to experience firsthand what I really appreciate getting from friends as they come by our house.
Housewarming gifts don’t have to (or need to!) be expensive, but there are some great things that you can bring to your next housewarming party that would be a HUGE help to your friends in transition.


Housewarming Gift Ideas for Your Friends


Target or Amazon gift cards – A $10 gift card goes a long way! I can’t tell you how many times during a move that I have gone to Target for soap dishes or dryer sheets. And what isn’t Amazon good for? Answer: Amazon is good for everything.


Candles – Even when boxes and clutter are everywhere, it is so nice to have a sweet smelling candle burning to make you feel a little more at home. My favorite candle of all time is this Capri Blue Volcano candle.


Cleaning Supplies – There is a lot to clean up as you are moving and the worst part is that the cleaning supplies are probably packed up in a box that you won’t find for 3 weeks. Grab some Clorox wipes and deliver them to your friend’s new house!


Paper plates and plastic utensils – Having something to eat on that doesn’t require running the dishwasher is such a good idea the first few days (weeks) in a new house. Your friends will really appreciate this practical gift!


Picture frame – If there is one thing everyone could use more of, it is certainly, picture frames. Download this cute (and Free!) Welcome Home Y’all printable to print out and put in the picture frame before you deliver it!

Dinner – do you remember how hard it was to find food when you first moved? DID YOU EVEN KNOW WHERE THE NEAREST GROCERY STORE WAS? Bring your friend dinner. She will be eternally grateful to you. And much less hangry when you come to visit


A cookbook – Cookbooks are always great gifts. Not only are they cute all stacked up somewhere in your friend’s new kitchen, but they will also help add to their favorite family recipes! Did your friend move because she got married – Get The Newlywed Cookbook. Did she move because she had kids? The Better Homes and Gardens New Junior Cook Book might be best. Did she move because her house got flooded (or some other interesting reason). Just get her the Magnolia Table Cookbook because Joanna Gaines makes everyone smile.


Home Base Binder – This is such a great gift for any homeowner. If you have ever wished there was just one place for all the vital information about your home/neighborhood, please know that your wish has been granted in the form of the Home Base Binder. A great gift for any new homeowner (or even the homeownership experts!).


Personalized Decorative Pillows – I am a sucker for all things personalized. If it has my name on it, I am in love with it. That may sound narcissistic, but it is the darn truth. These personalized pillows are a must-have for any freshly decorated living room.

Script Family Name Established Throw Pillow

A trinket tray – you never have more random trinkets than when you move. Every drawer is currently the junk drawer in your friend’s new house, so this incredibly cute Draper James trinket tray  (aka: Reese Witherspoon!) will be helpful and beautiful.

What are some of the housewarming gift hits you have seen? I love finding creative new gifts to use as hostess presents or just to take to a dinner party. Leave your favorite gift ideas in the comments below!

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  1. Great gift ideas…I love the variety! I personally LOVE getting cookbooks!

    1. Thanks Deborah! It totally makes sense that you love cookbooks with all of the great recipes you share!

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