Indoor Fall Decoration Ideas

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Living in Texas, the weather rarely ever starts to feel like fall until late November. So what we don’t get in a cool autumn breeze, we make up for by making our homes feel like fall with great decorations.

And while I am grateful for the extra opportunity that Texas gives us to sit out by the pool and keep up our summer tans, fall decor is just so pretty. And it signifies that Christmas is coming, which is arguably even better than any pool day.

We haven’t built up a great stockpile of fall decorations in our home just yet – mostly because all of our decorations have been wiped out every couple of years due to our house flooding. And due to that (which will hopefully never happen again!) I am really only interested in buying cheap or ‘fiscally reasonable’ decorations for a season that I just consider a precursor to Christmas.

The great news is that so many of my favorite retailers make it so easy to decorate without spending a bunch of money.

And I feel safe letting my toddler help me put out the fall decorations because most of my things only cost $10 or less.

Even though fall doesn’t get a long shelf life where we live, I do still think it is important to make each season feel special. If you take the time to celebrate each season, it is less likely to slip past you so quickly.

And there are so many ways that you can create traditions with your kids around putting up certain decorations and finding ways to spend time together.

My favorite memories of fall are spending time with my family around Thanksgiving and feeling the sense of gratitude that seems to be impossible to avoid in fall.

I also love getting to go watch football at my alma mater (especially once it isn’t so incredibly hot!) and I am so excited to get to pass that love down to my kids as they get to return to campus with us each season.

As our kids get older, we also want to be sure that fall isn’t just about the football and pumpkin patches, but also about being thankful for all that we have. So starting traditions of giving away our toys and volunteering together as a family are going to be important for us.

And for us, a good way to usher in all the fun things about fall is to put out some fun fall decorations.

I rounded up some of my favorite fall decor finds to help you be able to decorate your house and celebrate the season with a little extra flair.

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