Creative and Inexpensive Baby Shower Hostess Gift Ideas

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Saying thank you to your baby shower hostesses with a gift is proper etiquette, but if you have multiple hostesses, it can get pricey! Use these creative and inexpensive baby shower gift ideas to make a big impact for your ladies without breaking the bank!  


Pregnancy comes with a lot of fun milestones. Baby Kicks, losing the ability to wear pants without elastic waists, and your baby shower.

The baby shower is a such a fun event because you get to be surrounded by all the people who are going to love you through the first few months of the newborn phase (no matter how little you shower) and because you get all those cute baby items you registered for!

And if you have ever thrown a shower for someone else, you know how much work your shower hostesses have put in to make your special celebration a memorable experience. So, of course, you want to get them a cute hostess gift!


Your hostess gift does not have to be expensive, but you do want to have put some thought into it and get them something that they will actually use. I typically put together a gift basket made up of several small things rather than just one present of something larger or more expensive – but either one works!

As you may know, I am also one to try and streamline almost anything I do, so bonus points because most of these gifts are available on Amazon Prime and can get to you in 2 days or less if you are on a time crunch. Use your resources to help you get things done ladies!

Below is a list of ideas for cute baby shower hostess gift ideas so you can put together something great for your special baby shower planners!





Who doesn’t love a good candle in their home? Even though this isn’t super unique, it is one of my favorite gifts to give and receive. If you know your hostesses have a favorite brand, great! If not, go with this absolute winner that almost everyone loves.

Tassel Key Chain

I purchased these tassel key chains for one of my baby showers and bought them in blue (because we were having a boy). I thought these were super cute and they are practical in the sense that they help you find your keys in the bottomless pit that is your purse.

Maydesigns Notebook

These little notebooks from Maydesigns are so cute and there are tons of different patterns to choose from so you can get each one of your hostesses one that will fit her personality. For $5 extra, you can get each notebook personalized with the hostesses name on it to make it even more special!


Potted Plant

If you have hostesses that have a green thumb, you can go by Home Depot and get them a cute little potted plant that they can place somewhere in their home and get long-lasting joy from your gift. I did this for one shower and got succulents for each of my hostesses, and made the pot a little keepsake that I signed with a thank you message.



Everyone loves a high-quality lotion! You can get a top brand like L’Occitane for a decent price by buying one of their sample packs so that you can give each of your hostesses a lotion without breaking the bank!

Bath Bombs

Ladies love a good bath bomb. And what better way to relax after hosting your lovely shower than with a nice spa-like bath! Definitely a good addition to your overall gift.

Devotional or Journal

Since your hostesses poured so much into you with the shower, this would be a great gift to give to pour back into them. I have really enjoyed the 100 Days to Brave devotional by Annie F Downs and Everyday Holy by Melanie Shankle. Both of those would be perfect for women at all stages.

I also love the Write the Word journals and love to give them as gifts. You can buy the whole set and have multiple options to pass along to your hostesses.


Cute Desk Cards

I love some good desk accessories and these desk cards are so fun! You can give your hostesses a couple of cards each and if you wanted to make a full gift out of it you can get an acrylic frame that they can use to switch out the cards and keep them on their desk or nightstand.




So what are you going to gift to your baby shower hostesses? Pin this post to save these ideas for later!

inexpensive baby shower gift ideas

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