The Best Way to Make Money While Holiday Shopping

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The Best Way to Make Money While Holiday Shopping


There is a lot of money going out of my bank account during the holidays, but last Christmas season, I found a way to make some money back on all of my purchases using Ebates! It honestly is the easiest and best way to make money while holiday shopping.


Ebates is an online shopping site that gives you a percentage of cash back when you shop! They have every brand that you could possibly need to knock off your Christmas list. Amazon, Ebay, Macy’s, Walmart, Target, J Crew, Groupon. If you need it, it is probably on Ebates.

Looking for ways to make money online? Use this app every time you online shop to get cash back on your purchases. #moneysavingtips

I kick myself everytime I forget to use Ebates on even just my normal purchase from Amazon (which are pretty much daily). There are tons of cash back websites out there, but Ebates is for sure the best of the bunch.

Will it Cost Me Anything?



Ebates is totally free! No monthly fees, no weird charge if you only buy things from Nordstrom Rack. Literally no cost to you.


In fact – just for signing up, Ebates will send you $10.00. You don’t even have to buy anything! This was a complete surprise to me when I signed up last year so I was pretty pumped when I got a $10.00 check mailed to my house (which I immediately cashed and spent on myself my Christmas presents).

How does Ebates Work?


I don’t like recommending anything that isn’t super simple, because we are busy ladies and ain’t nobody got time for difficult stuff. Ebates is so easy that your grandma is probably already using it.


All you have to do is sign on to your Ebates account (via desktop or the mobile app) and search for the store you want to shop in. You will be automatically linked to the store’s website and then you shop like normal. Then once you check out – CHA CHING. Money in the (Ebates) bank.

Can I still use my Coupon Codes?


Yes! One of the things that makes Ebates the best is that you can still use the coupon codes and discount codes that you might normally use AND still get your cash back via Ebates. DOUBLE WIN!


If you need help finding those coupon codes, download Honey, which automagically lets you know when there are discounts available for the products you are shopping for. I have the Honey browser extension and now I never miss an opportunity to save.


So what have you got to lose this shopping season! Get started with Ebates and get $10 for doing absolutely nothing! Future you will be thanking present you by getting you a sweet gift with all the cash back.

Future you will also be thanking me for sharing Ebates with you.


What can I say except you’re welcome? 🙂

I would love to hear your successes with Ebates or any additional online shopping tips in the comments below! 

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  1. I love Ebates! I have made over $400 from using it.

    1. That is AMAZING Keri! You are my Ebates inspiration!

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I keep seeing “pins” about Ebates, but I haven’t ever read about it.

  3. I love Ebates as well. It’s always nice to get paid for doing what you normally do. 🙂

  4. ktsherman72 says:

    My daughter goes to town with ebates. She’s been very savvy about it.

    1. Good for her! I bet she is making quite a bit of cash back from it!

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