Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

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Growing up, our family did not participate in the fun Christmas Tradition of opening matching family pajamas on Christmas Eve. I always thought it seemed so fun when my friends would talk about getting their new pajamas, but even at a young age I felt like it was silly to spend money on pajamas that you were only going to wear one night.

And now that I have my own family, I still had the same feelings. I would much rather spend money on a gift for my kids that can be used for weeks, months or years past Christmas, instead of on some cozy Christmas jammies that won’t be worn but once or twice.

At least until someone at church mentioned that they give their kids the matching Christmas pajamas on Thanksgiving night.

Well that is a brilliant idea!

So, starting this year, we are creating a new Christmas family tradition and our kids will be receiving their Christmas pajamas on Thanksgiving night, as a way to celebrate the start of Christmas.

I always had the feeling that my husband was excited that I didn’t see the financial need for one-time pajamas, solely because he didn’t want to be asked to take pictures in matching family pajamas.

But he was all on board with the Thanksgiving night gift idea so we are now the proud owners of one complete set of family Christmas pajamas.

And since we bought ours so early, I had time to do some searching to find quite a few fun and cost-effective (read: cheap) pajamas for you to treat your family with.

We bought ours from Hanna Anderson and they are so soft and cozy. I will have no issue wearing these every night till Christmas.

You can also cut costs on the family pajamas by just buying the pajama tops if the retailer sells them separately. You will still get a great matching Christmas morning photo if you all have the same top and similar bottoms. Or just hide those mismatched bottoms under a blanket for your family picture!

I am all about having fun without breaking the bank – but as so many people can attest, the matching Christmas pajamas is a family tradition that will bring joy to your kids year after year.

The Best Family Matching Christmas Pajamas

Shop these ideas for your family Christmas jammies!

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