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Get complete control over the meal planning and banish dinnertime chaos for good!

Use this FREE 6 page workbook to prepare and plan meals for the busy week ahead.

The Busy Mama's Meal Planning Guide

Here is what you will get in this FREE meal planning workbook: 

  • A clear guide on how this working mom plans meals that fit within a busy schedule
  • Grocery Planning List
  • Meal Planning and Prep Worksheet
  • A bank of meals to use on busy nights
Mattie Givens and family

meal planning changed my family

Hi! I’m Mattie and I used to NEVER plan out meals in advance which meant that my family at A LOT of PB&J sandwiches. I used this method to create a meal plan that worked for my busy schedule and made dinner time feel less like a chore, and more like an opportunity for our family to spend time together. 


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