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What You Can Gain by Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

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Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


When I was 8, my grandpa told me he would give me dessert if I tried green beans. You see, I was (am) a very picky eater and I knew at the age of 8 that greens just weren’t my jam. My grandpa wanted to send me home to my parents with belly full of green beans so he could get a gold star and claim the best grandpa award. I wanted dessert, but I was not going to eat those vegetables.

We were at an impasse.

It is many years later and my grandpa never got his gold star. I have never eaten green beans. Why? 1) Because they look weird and I don’t trust them, 2) I hate getting out of my comfort zone.

Appetizing Level: 0
Appetizing Level: 0

Trying new foods is not my favorite because I am terrified of not liking it. Things get extra scary when I have to try new foods in front of people (because peer pressure) and there is a potential for things to get real embarrassing if I hate it and want to spit out said food that the table. No good, y’all.

I know what I like, what I am good at, and what I am comfortable with. And that is a great thing to know about yourself. Knowing your strengths and the things you enjoy is great! It means that you know (mostly) who you are.

For some of us, knowing what we like and are comfortable with can also be a negative because it keeps us from trying new things because we are already fine with our lives how they are.

But the green beans might be SO good.

It is hard to push yourself outside of your comfort zone because new things are scary. A new job, a move to a new town, trying a new restaurant (IT IS SCARY TO SOME PEOPLE, OKAY?), or putting your self out there in any way. You have no idea how those things can turn out. It might be really bad. But it can be so so good.

I started blogging about 3 months ago. And told literally no one for a month. My reasoning for the secrecy was: 1) what if I told people and they didn’t ever read my blog? and 2) what if I told people and they actually read my blog?

Either way, sharing my words/thoughts/cleverly written statements that are obviously hilarious (even if my husband doesn’t get them), would be uncomfortable. Definitely way out of my comfort zone.

About three weeks ago, I started telling a few friends and family that I was putting some of my writing on the internet. I also enrolled in a course to help me become a better writer and overall blogger. And, you guys — it has been so good. So much encouragement, constructive criticism, and support has come from pushing my comfort levels. Turns out the green beans were good (for analogy purposes only. I still do not believe that green beans are good).

Situations like the above inspire me to push myself even more. Currently, on my -Too Scared- list is taking another step in blogging and going to my first blogging conference. TBD on if I can get the courage to do that one yet. Baby steps people. But it does build my confidence and makes me way less scared to try new things even though I can’t clearly see what the outcome might be.

A few quick action steps if you struggle with this like I do:

  1. Write down what you are wanting to do and why.
  2. Next, write down why you aren’t doing it. Fear of failure? Reactions of others? You may not like it?
  3. Make a list of all of the things might be great about this new opportunity/comfort zone buster.

If list number 3 outweighs list number 2, go do that thing now. Seriously, right now. Because I bet those green beans are actually fantastic (again, just an analogy).

Are there things that you are not trying because you don’t know how it will work out? What is holding you back? Or are you really good at trying all the things and can teach me your ways?

Let me know by commenting or sending me an email!

Trying new things can be hard. There are so many what if questions that go through our mind as we try to decide if a new hobby, business, relationship is going to work out. And sometimes we overthink so much that it stops us from moving. Don't do that. Get out of your comfort zone!



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  1. I haven’t told many people about my blog either or launched all my social media! It’s hard to do when you feel like you don’t have enough content. Just have to keep at it I guess and trying to create quality content!

    1. I hear that is the trick! Killer content and the confidence to put your stuff out there! We should both just go do it!

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