6 ways to workout without a gym membership

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Some of us carry our gym memberships like a badge of honor. A reminder of the gym rat we once were or the workout phoneme we aspired to be. A lot of us feel like we need to have a gym membership in order to work out and reach our fitness goals, but that is just a cultural norm that is way outdated. So ditch the membership and start working out on your own terms.

6 Ways to work out without a membership

  1. Have you heard of the internet? There are tons of free workouts on there! In fact, there are trainers who give away their work outs for free. My personal favorites are ToneItUp.com and Blogilates. The girls at Tone It Up are the epitome of California Beach Babes. And their work outs work. I always notice a difference in my body when I follow through with one of their several 8 week challenges that they put on throughout the year. Blogilates focuses on modern pilates moves. Other Pro: Blogilates host, Cassey Ho, talks to you throughout the entire workout like she is your BFF. She has corny jokes for days and eat that up.
  2. Create a home gym. Nothing fancy. Just some of these, and these, and maybe this too. I promise you will need it after you crush your home workouts.
  3. Take a class. Take the dollars you were spending on a gym membership and try some new classes. Barre! Spin! AcroYoga! Go try something new.
  4. Take it outside. You don’t need a treadmill! Go outside! Put in your headphones and pound the pavement. Or ride your bike. Or walk (my pick). However you get your laps in outdoors, you get a workout and a tan. Two birds – one good-looking you.
  5. Mall Walk. This isn’t your grandmas exercise anymore. If you have a mall, you have an indoor track when it rains. And the other mall walkers are just so darn friendly.
  6. Buddy Boot Camp. Get together with several of your friends and start a boot camp together. Let each friend take a turn preparing the workout and find a park to meet in once a week. It is built-in accountability, and you will learn a lot about fitness training!


What keeps you tied to your gym membership? I think memberships are awesome if you are using them consistently, but if you find yourself having to let Siri direct you to the gym because you can’t remember the directions, ditch the monthly payment and find a free routine you can stick to.

Also – if you try AcroYoga, I want a full review.

Tired of paying for a gym membership that you don't use? Try a few of these ways to workout without the cost!

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