Showing Thanks by Giving Series: Overcome The Fear of Giving Financially

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Showing Thanks by Giving Series: Giving Your Money


For the second installment of our “Showing Thanks by Giving” series we are going to talk about the importance of giving your money through tithing. The first post in this series was the importance of giving your time and next week will talk about giving your attention. But today we get to talk about everyone’s favorite subject: Money and how to overcome the fear of giving!

Why should you Give Financially?


Well for starters, it is biblical. Tithing is a concept introduced to us in the Old Testament via Moses of giving 10% of your income, but it is also referenced by Jesus a few times in the New Testament. Most of the reference to tithing by Jesus involves him pointing out that the Pharisees, although they were tithing, were not doing it with a giving heart. So while this shows that tithing is important, it is even more important to make sure you aren’t giving just to check off a box.


Tithing also allows for your support to good causes that need people with different skill sets than you. I love the organization YoungLife, which is a non-profit that uses volunteers to mentor High School kids and introduce them to Jesus. I was a volunteer for several years, but with kids now – I don’t quite have the time to really be effective. So now I give financially to help support the current volunteers and to help pay for kids to go to camps with YoungLife in the summer.  


We can’t all be digging wells in Africa. That is some great work they are doing, but they need some financial backing in order to be able to do that work. Like we talked about previously, giving your time is needed, but you need to be sure that you are giving your time where you can be impactful and is also a fit for your current life stage & schedule. Give financially to causes that you support, but can’t be a part of the boots on the ground efforts.

But Giving my money is HARD


Uh yeah, it is.


But if it were easy, we wouldn’t gain a lot from it would we? And we also need to remember that even though it felt like we “earned” the money we have in our bank account – it was really given to us by God. We may have put in the work, but only because He gave us the skill set to do our jobs.


I totally understand that it is scary to part with money, especially when you aren’t getting

something tangible in return.


“But what if I need it later?”

“But I could be getting interest on that money!”

“But I feel safer with more money in my bank account!”


Those statements are really just a way of saying that you don’t trust that God wants the best for you. If He is asking for you, it may not be easy, but it will be good.


So start now.


If you don’t tithe on your first $100, it will be so much harder to tithe on your next $10,000 or $100,000.

Where should I give?


That is totally up to you! I have several charities that are close to my heart and we give financially to each of those. We also set aside some of our giving money each month to be able to do nice things for others. That may be taking friends a meal after a baby, or giving to a special event.


Once you have your tithe set out in your budget, you get to have the fun of deciding how to spend it!

I already Tithe – So now what?


That is great stuff! As you move along in life, try to find ways that you can try to increase your financial giving. If your income grows, try increasing the percent of your financial giving.


Think of tithing as the “meets expectations” mark on employee reviews (love those, right?).

We aren’t the type of people who want to just “meet expectations”! We love to blow those expectations out of the water!


Aim to try and exceed expectations with your giving. You don’t get to take your money with you when you leave (ahem, die) right?


Money is a powerful thing and we can do so much good with it. If you are making a ton of money, that is awesome! And if you aren’t, that is also awesome!

No matter what your annual salary is, your financial donations can make a big impact for people.


If you need some tips on how to create a budget that includes tithing – I HIGHLY recommend this book:

I have read several Dave Ramsey books and they are extremely easy to understand which isn’t always the case when it comes to financial books! And I am totally down for any book, who uses the motto “Give. Save. SPEND!”


I hope you are enjoying our Showing Thanks by Giving Series!

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