Travel Tips for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Planning a vacation can sometimes leave you so stressed, that you don’t even enjoy your vacation! To help you out with your vacation planning, I am sharing the best travel tips for Cabo San Lucas, so you don’t have to do anything but book your trip! 


My family has been going to Cabo every Spring Break for the last 8 years as my sisters and I have cycled through college. And we have gained quite a bit of experience on the best places to go and see. I wanted to pass along that knowledge to you with the best travel tips for Cabo San Lucas!

Travel tips to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I haven’t seen a lot of Mexico (really just the ports of Cozumel and Cancun) but I think I have seen enough to say that Los Cabos has to be my favorite part of the country. If you don’t know where Cabo is, it is the very tip of Mexico’s peninsula. You get to be right on the Pacific Ocean, which is always a cool thing if you aren’t from California and get to experience it all the time.

I made a map for you.
I made a map for you.

We typically don’t do much while we are in Cabo. My husband describes the way my family vacations as either “100 MPH” or “sloth-like”. While most of the trips my family took when I was growing up were on the “100 MPH” side, our Cabo trip has been traditionally “sloth-like”. The itinerary for our week in Mexico usually reads as: Wake Up, Eat, Pool Time, Eat, Pool Time, Eat, Sleep. Which means that I need several great swimsuits for all that pool time.

Not Complaining.

This year, we did take a few breaks from our pool time to really get out and see Downtown Cabo and check out some new things.




We ate at La Hacienda which is just off the main tracts of the marina in Cabo San Lucas. This restaurant is a part of a hotel/timeshare and it is beautiful. The restaurant is pretty much all outdoors and you can even get a table on the beach. Which we did, of course. The food was good. The margaritas were great.

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We also tried out famed Cabo restaurant The Office. Every table here is right on the beach and you can see the iconic Arch of Los Cabos, which is a lovely view. Our view was blocked every so often by college girls on spring break who were wearing swimsuits that were just a tad inappropriate, but that is what we get for going to Cabo the same week as all major universities dismiss for Spring Break.

The tortillas are handmade at a little tortilla station that is also on the beach. I know what you are thinking, and no, there was surprisingly no sand in my food. The food was fantastic and the seafood was so fresh. I highly recommend stopping by The Office if you are ever in Cabo. It definitely lives up to the hype!

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We stayed at an all-inclusive, Hyatt Ziva, so we ate there most of the time. The food there was actually pretty good, which I believe was aided by the fact that my bar is set pretty low when it comes to food at all-inclusive hotels. Either way, there were a lot of dining options and I did find one incredible chocolate cake (yum).



When you first arrive in Cabo, you may be surprised to find that it is a desert. The scenery on the drive from the airport to the beach is lacking. Mostly just dust. But once you get into town, everything is just so vibrant.

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There is so much color which makes it a blast to walk around the streets. I was a complete nuisance to my family because I stopped every few feet to take pictures. The water is also very blue. Most of the beaches in Cabo have a pretty deep drop off very close to shore.


That takes away from some of the light blue to navy ombre look that you get in Hawaii or Key West, but I think it is still gorgeous. And the fact that the water gets deep close to shore, means that you get to see whales while you hang out on the beach.


Humpback, Blue and Grey whales migrate through Cabo every year from December to early April, which is perfect for whale watching over spring break. We have always been able to see them from the beach at our hotel, but this year we tried something new and went whale watching.

I highly recommend doing this if you are ever on vacation in a place that has whales. Seeing whales from a beach and seeing whales from 50 yards away are completely different experiences and I do not want you to miss out. These animals are huge and awesome. Although I do not recommend going in a tiny boat because if they breach and land on your boat – you lose, my friend.

This was also the first time we went out to see the Arch of Los Cabos, which is actually kind of sad that it took us so long. The arch is a cool rock formation that makes for amazing sunsets, and if you don’t go at sunset, just know it is really cool to see that the ocean has carved the rocks out in such a perfect shape.

You can take a $10 water taxi out to see the arch and stay awhile to walk around on Lovers Beach, which is located just next to the arch. Sounds like a great time to me!

Explore Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!
The Arch of Los Cabos.



As I have shared with you before, rest is important and that was the main goal of our trip to Cabo. I worked on my tan at the hotel’s amazing pool. I read three books (yes be impressed at my speed reading). And I enjoyed a great massage at the hotel spa. I was able to come back rested and actually ready to go back to work (it helps that my day job is also really fun).


Have any of you been to Cabo before? What should I try next time I go? I love getting to hear recommendations from others! I hope you will be able to put my recommendations to use one day!


Plan your trip with help from my post on how to create a memorable vacation!

Going to Cabo? Check out my travel tips and recommendations for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!
Going to Cabo? Check out my travel tips and recommendations for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!
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  1. Loved reading through your adventures! So many places to visit, but we went for a family holiday by car and really enjoyed it. By the way, gorgeous photos!

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