Simple Baby Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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There are so many fun things that you get to share with family and friends when you are pregnant. But after the initial news that a baby is coming, the next question people ask is if your new addition is a boy or girl. With our daughter, we didn’t do a gender reveal because I was a little overwhelmed thinking it would take a lot of effort to plan something. But with this pregnancy, I decided to host a simple gender reveal party for our family and a few friends, just as a way to celebrate a fun milestone in our pregnancy.          

Contrary to my previous beliefs, throwing a gender reveal party does not have to be hard or strenuous. In all honesty, I put everything together with one Target run, and 2 hours of prep time. It was really that simple.


We got the notice from our Doctor that our lab results with the gender information were in on a Friday morning. We wanted to be surprised and some great friends had offered to get the information for us from the doctor so we could find out with the rest of our family.

We did know that we would be doing a gender reveal so I had preordered a set of gender reveal golf balls on Amazon to be sure we had them whenever we got the results. They came in a pack of two (one pink and one blue) so you didn’t have to know the gender before you ordered, which helped add to the ease of our gender reveal party planning.  I was surprised at how easy these were to find and even more pleased that they were on Prime!

There are a ton of options on Amazon (like confetti cannons!) if you don’t want to go with golf balls.

I considered using baseballs since my husband played baseball in college, but went with golf balls since we live on a golf course and that would make things a little bit easier!

Once our friends had the results, we sent a text invite to our family and a few close friends and let them know when the festivities were going to be taking place.

If you want to create a paper invite you can. There are some cute gender reveal invitations here on Zazzle.

But in order to keep things easy (and find out the exciting news as quickly as possible) a good old text worked just great.


On the day of the party, I went to Target to get some snacks for the party. I kept things light and got chips, fruit, cupcakes and drinks.

The Target Bakery section (not every Target has a bakery, but this is one of the benefits of living in the suburbs – larger Targets), had a selection of pre-make pink and blue cupcakes. I would imagine your local grocery store bakery would have these as well, and if not, it would only take a quick call the day before to put in an order.

If you wanted to make your own cupcakes, you can always use a box mix, use white icing, and food coloring to make the icing pink or blue

Your shopping list can all be found on Amazon Prime (praises).

I purchased strawberries, raspberries and blueberries (trying to keep with a pink and blue color scheme) from Target and made a fruit salad. It was very easy and our guests loved it.


For drinks, I got pre-mixed lemonade and raspberry lemonade from the refrigerated section. Now the raspberry lemonade is already pink, but the normal lemonade was yellow, which didn’t jive well since my pink lemonade needed a blue counterpart. I pulled out my food coloring (got some great use for this simple gender reveal party!) and put 5 drops of blue food coloring into the lemonade.

The result was a perfect baby blue. It matched perfectly with the raspberry lemonade and made an impression on my mom who is the litmus test for surprise and delight at a party.

I got clear plastic cups for everyone to use so that you could see the pink and blue around the room. It isn’t necessary, but it was fun to be able to see all the different colors!


We did a couple of party gender reveal party games, but nothing that took longer than 10 minutes to set up.

On the text invite, we did ask that people come wearing pink or blue to show their guess. That was a really easy way to make your get together really feel like a gender reveal without any extra work on your part!

The other activity we had was a small letter board where people could post their “Boy or Girl” guesses. It was easy for me to put together beforehand and I just used my felt letter board (also from Amazon) that I have had as a staple in my house for quite some time.

My family made an overwhelming amount of guesses for a boy, and it turned out –

They were right!Simple Gender Reveal Party - Golf Ball Exploding with blue smoke

We added a boy to our family in May 2019.

Our simple gender reveals party was such a special time to share with family and friends and I am really glad I didn’t let myself get overwhelmed or stressed by it.

You don’t have to kill yourself to make a gender reveal party happen or even spend tons of money! Use these easy gender reveal party ideas and you will be on your way to a fun moment that you will remember for a lifetime.

Looking for a fun gender reveal party game? Get this free Old Wives Tale game by downloading with the below form and have a simple game all ready to go! Just print out copies for your guests and let the fun begin!

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