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Teach Your Kids About Bible Study

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As new-ish parents, one of the things we pray for daily in our house is that our daughter would learn to love Jesus.  And we also pray that we can all tolerate each other when she turns 13. But mostly for the Jesus stuff. But since she isn’t yet out of her toddler years, we have had to find some ways to help introduce the concept of faith and studying the Bible that is easy for kids.


How to Involve Your Kids in Bible Study


We have been blessed with a really great community with lots of other young parents who are all striving after the similar objective of raising kids who love and know Jesus. So I have not had to figure this all out on my own. I steal a lot of things from their playbooks because they are wise women and their kids who are older than mine seem to be functioning fantastically.


Using their suggestions as well, I have put together a list of products and practices that will help you teach your kids how to study the Bible and make that a practice in their daily life.


Jesus Storybook Bible


Almost unanimously, the ladies in my community sung the praises of this beginner Bible. This kid’s Bible does not stray away from the tough Bible stories and it really does cover a lot for an abridged book. The language is easy for kids to pick up and the illustrations are lovely.


But the best part about this storybook Bible is that every single story ends by tying back to Jesus. Even the old testament ones! And that is what makes this Bible so perfect for kids because it really drives home the point of Christianity with every story.


This Bible is great for kids of all ages. We started reading the Jesus Storybook Bible to Kinsley around 6 months, and while she didn’t really get it then, my hope is that she will grow up always remembering these stories.


Sing Songs


One of the coolest things about kids is how well they learn through song. My daughter still doesn’t call me Mama (this could be an early act of rebellion or a clear sign that she prefers “Dada” for everything) but she can do all the hand signs for Itsy Bitsy Spider and hum the melody.


So sing songs about Jesus while you are around the house and they are sure to stick in those little minds. They are probably already bringing a few songs home from Sunday School, but if you need a list of a few more songs to sing, look at this list.


Write The Word – For Kids!


One of my favorite Bible Study tools are the Write the Word Journals from Cultivate What Matters, which gives you a few verses of scripture for you to write out and reflect on.


The CWM Shop has recently released a Write the Word Journal for kids! If your kid is learning to write, or even just coloring well, this would be a good Bible Study tool to add to your household.


The kids version has room to write down a daily Bible verse and also space to color and draw our your feelings and ideas. There are stickers included, which is awesome for kids and awesome for you as long as the stickers stay on the journal pages and not on the back of your dress as you walk into church.


We are barely in the coloring stage and we don’t trust Kinsley with anything but the Color Wonder Markers (which are actually magic), so we will be holding off on this one for a while, but it is certainly on my list of most adorable Bible Study tools.


Pray With Them


If your kids are going to know God, they need to know how to talk with Him. Pray with your kids often and pray with them about anything and everything. If they grow up with you leading them in a life of prayer, it is going to feel much more natural for prayer to be their first response in all situations as they get older.


Pray about good things, like when you have a great day at the park. Pray about tough things, like when a beloved blankie goes missing. Pray before dinner and pray before bed. Pray together as much as you can.


Fill Your Cup


One of the most important things to remember when teaching your kids about Jesus is that if you aren’t spending time with Jesus, it is going to show. In Exodus, it is recorded on many occasions that after Moses emerged from spending time with God in the Tent of Meeting, his face would shine. And it was a visual tell to the rest of the Israelites that Moses had just been with the Lord.


Now, my face has never glowed (not even during pregnancy so I don’t know what I missed), but I know that I put off a different vibe after spending time with Jesus. My husband can tell when I haven’t been having my quiet times because I get “more cranky than usual”.


So be sure to make your Bible study time a priority as you try to instill that practice in your kids. Lead them by example and aim to spend so much time with Jesus that you give off an undeniable glow of joy coming from the Lord. Your kids will be able to see the difference the Bible makes in your life and they will grow up hungering for that joy as well.


How do you get your kids involved in Bible Study? Leave any tips or ideas in the comments below! I would love to have more resources as my little family grows! 

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