The Best Amazon Prime Sunglasses for Women!

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I love me some Amazon and utilize a lot of the Prime features to streamline my household. And one of the best things about Amazon is how much they have stepped up their fashion game!

I have found so many great tops and swimsuits via Amazon that are really inexpensive and have been pretty good quality. This has been key for me through the childbearing years because my body size has not had a steady state for the last 3 years. So I have really appreciated having a huge amount of options as I build my rotating wardrobe.

One of the things that I have been really excited about are all of the sunglasses in stock on Amazon. With a toddler in the house, I have learned that I can’t really afford to have expensive sunglasses because my daughter will grab them, want to wear them and then they never fit quite right on my face again.

But if I can pay under $20 for a pair of sunglasses, I am way less stressed about what my toddler does to them.

Sharing a few of my favorite picks for sunglasses that are perfect for Spring and Summer!



These Ray-Ban dupes would be an awesome addition to your summer style!

I love the mirrored lenses and the tortoise shell frames on these.


Jackie O would have totally approved of these cat eyes.

These round lenses are awesome and you get get the frames in black as well!

The gold touches on these frames make these sunnies look super expensive, but you don’t have to tell anyone that they were under $20 (with free shipping)!


These sunglasses are probably my favorite pair. Oversized with a little bit of a retro vibe. Hello Summer.


These sunnies are a dupe for the Karen Walker version. Spend less than $10 on these or over $200 for the real ones. Imma take these.

Color is in this season, so get some bright colored lenses to create a pop on any outfit.


I had a pair just like these from Target that lasted right up until my daughter got a hold of them. Glad I can restock on this classic look!


These are a little outside my comfort zone, but I think they would be really fun to wear out by the pool!

These are great sunglasses to keep stashed in your pool back all summer. And at the price point, there is no pain if they get a little scratched or if a toddler breaks them!

Amazon Prime Sunglasses

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