Things I Love: March 2019

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Hello Spring!

There is so much for me to love in March and that includes all of the spring sales happening! It also doesn’t hurt that the weather is cooperating with most areas of the country and we are getting a taste of what it will be like to pack up those sweaters and break out the flip flops.




The Rodeo

I mentioned being excited about the rodeo to one of my DC-based coworkers and she very much pictured the type of small-town rodeos that seem to pop up in Nicholas Sparks novels. But that my friends, is not at all what the Houston Rodeo is like.

The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is almost a month-long event that takes place inside/outside the stadium where our NFL team plays. There are concerts every night with MAJOR artists – like Cardi B performed one night.

Since we have a toddler, we aren’t making it to any of the concerts this year, but we did enjoy the carnival and all of the fun kid’s activities. There is a pretty large section of the rodeo where kids can play around and see cows, horses and other livestock pretty close up. Kinsley was the most interested in the horses and chickens – not so much cows or pigs, which I can totally understand.

It is a fun tradition that I look forward to continuing as our family grows!


These Sandals


Target does a really great job of making dupes of higher end shoes and I am here for it. These are some pretty fantastic dupes of the Steve Madden slides that have been so popular. And those were knockoffs of the Hermes sandals! So these shoes have gone from $650 (Hermes) to $75 (Steve Madden) to now under $25 at Target.

I have a feeling I am going to live in these this spring and summer!


Instant Family

I know this movie came out before Christmas, but we are parents and we usually spend our kid-free date nights somewhere that we can talk. But Eric and I watched Instant Family during one of our at-home date nights and we both loved it.

We are both Mark Whalburg fans (for different reasons – I think he is funny and Eric loves his action movies), so this was a movie we could both agree on. But I do need to warn you – WATCH THIS MOVIE WITH A BOX OF TISSUES.

Within the first 30 minutes, I had cried no less than 5 times. And two of those were not just cute, silent tear cries. They were nose blowing, labored breathing, cries. And we could blame this on pregnancy hormones, but I looked over and Eric had tears in his eyes too! So be prepared, and wear waterproof mascara.

Foster care is something that I have seen several families venture into and it is a beautiful and messy thing and I think the movie did a great job by not sugar coating the emotional rollercoaster of the process. Our family has talked about foster care and I think that was one of the reasons that we enjoyed the movie so much!

You can watch it with Prime Video and it makes a great option for movie-night in!


The Third Trimester

We are in the final stretch before we meet baby boy and I could not be more excited! This feels like a rite of passage – one where I have moved from thinking “this pregnancy thing is great!” to thinking “how much bigger and more uncomfortable am I going to get?!”.

I am pretty excited that I have been able to stay physically active this pregnancy and now that the weather is changing, it will be nice to do more walking outdoors.

We know it will be better for baby boy to stay put until May, but we really can’t wait to meet him!



I just love bluebonnet season in Texas! It is almost more exciting than Christmas down here because we don’t usually get any snow, which means everything just looks cold and dead in the winter.

But in the spring, we get fields covered in wildflowers and it is the most wonderful thing.

One of our other springtime family traditions is getting family photos taken (with bluebonnets). They make such a pretty backdrop and I love that I am able to share my love of these flowers with my family.

Texas family in bluebonnets


Atomic Habits

I started reading this book in March and it has been one of those where I am making notes almost every page. A lot of the tips in this book feel really easy to implement into my normal routine and several times I have found myself thinking “Why haven’t I been doing that already?!”.

There are a lot of practical tips in this book on implementing habits in order to set yourself up for more success during the day, but not in a rigid type of way.

I highly recommend it if you are looking for a personal development book to read!

Here’s hoping that the warm weather is here to stay and that we can all enjoy a little sunshine as Spring starts to make it’s arrival!


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