Things I Loved In February 2019

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Another sweet month has hit the books! February is always filled with so many cute things. Mostly because of Valentine’s Day and all the chocolate that seems to make its way into my life. But also because it is the shortest month so it almost feels like there is extra pressure to make the most of that time!

There was certainly a lot to love in the month of Love! I got really into beauty and skincare this month as a way to combat the dry skin that has plagued me recently. It may be because of the pregnancy, or the cold weather, or a combo of both. But I needed some therapy for sure!




Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops

I have not been a big fan of self-tanners ever since I used a Jergens tanning lotion in high school and (likely) applied it improperly which left big orange streaks all over my legs and arms for a week. So when I had a friend mention that she had started using these Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops, I was a bit skeptical.

The big sell is that you don’t have to use a tanning mitt to apply this self-tanner. You just add a couple of drops into your moisturizer or lotion and apply it as normal. Then 4-12 hours later, you are tan!

I decided I would give them a try and ordered a bottle from Sephora. There are 3 shades, and I went with dark because go big or go home suckers.

I have used these drops 5 times now and I am pretty much addicted. My sister keeps telling me how pretty my skin looks and I even had a stranger in the airport tell me that I looked way to fresh-faced for a 5:00 AM flight. No fresh face here mam – just Isle of Paradise Tanning Drops.

And that is why these are taking my top spot in February.


Hyaluronic Acid

I saw a beauty blogger recommend this stuff on Instagram and since it was available on Amazon (prime, duh), I figured I would give it a shot.

This stuff gives a big boost of hydration to your skin and my skin really needed it through the winter months. A lot of facial products right now are adding in Hyaluronic Acid, but you don’t actually need to buy the combo products when you can buy the stuff straight via Amazon.

I have added this Hyaluronic Acid Serum into my nightly skincare routine and it has been awesome for my skin.

Seeing New York City with Snow

This month I had to travel to NYC for work, and while there were some less desirable aspects of my trip (super early and late flights, discovering that the entire city turns off their AC option for the winter), I did get to see it snow for a full day while I was there.

And it was lovely.

My company also has an office in the 30 Rock building so I got to scout for Jimmy Fallon and Hoda Kotb every day at work. I was not successful, but I know we were in close proximity so that was cool enough.


Valentine’s Day

Eric and I haven’t gone out to eat on Valentine’s Day for years (because expensive and I would like to eat at a reasonable time). But this year, we made it special by making one of our Hello Fresh meals with Kinsley and eating together as a family. She got to share all of the Valentine’s cards that she had received at school and was especially excited about all of the candy she got.

It made me really excited about celebrating all of the fun little holidays with her in the future. Something about doing it all over again with a child’s perspective makes everything seem more fun.


Crazy Rich Asians Trilogy

In my Things I Am Loving in January post, I  mentioned that I had watched the Crazy Rich Asians movie and wanted to read the book series. Well, that did not take me very long to get through.

I loaded those books up on my Kindle and went through all three in less than 2 weeks. They were super fun reads and I am looking forward to seeing the next two movies whenever they come out!


My Peloton

I have had my Peloton for about a year now and I have used it off and on as my favored form of exercise. While I know that my workout of choice in the spring will be to take my dog, Sadie, outside for walks in the perfect Spring weather (it is a promise that Houston makes to use residents as an apology for what we endure in August), I am super into the Peloton right now.

Even while being pregnant, it is still so easy to jump on the bike and get in a good workout in just 20 or 30 minutes. And there is so much variety in classes, I never feel like I am just doing the same thing (riding a stationary bike) over and over. The music is always fresh and the class always goes by so quickly.

I have had to tone it down as my belly has gotten a little larger, but I am pretty proud of myself for showing up to ride as I near my third trimester.

Want to learn more about the Peloton? Read my full review of my Peloton Spin Bike here!


The 2nd Trimester

In the past, I haven’t been a big fan of the pregnancy experience. Our first pregnancy was filled with heartache, our second pregnancy had lots of health complications that nearly killed me (actually), and they were generally uncomfortable.

So I have been really thankful to get to experience a fairly normal pregnancy this time around. And while there are certainly still some parts that aren’t pleasant, the 2nd trimester has been a really great time for me.

I have had energy and the ability to travel multiple times over the past couple of months. I can workout like normal. I can wear stretchy pants completely guilt free. And I get to feel my little guy kick all the time.

I know that the third trimester brings a few more discomforts, so I am soaking up my last couple of weeks in this second trimester of awesomeness.


Rent The Runway

This may be a little bit early since I ordered dresses for an event in March, but I am already pumped with this service.

Rent The Runway lets you rent designer dresses for a fraction of the cost. It is a perfect way to look amazing for an event, without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a dress and then find the space to store it in your closet so you can never wear it again.


So instead of wearing some frumpy dress that I don’t feel very confident in, I have rented a dress that looks amazing for just $30. Looking forward to reporting back on how things went in the next update!



What have you been loving this month? Any suggestions for things I need to try? Let me know in the comments below!

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