Time Saving Hair Products to Reduce Style Time

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Being a busy mom means that you have to cut out some of the time you used to spend on getting ready each morning. For me, that meant finding ways to speed up my hair styling process or to make my hairstyles last longer. Use these hair products and styling tips so you don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake of time! 


It may have taken almost 29 years, but I have finally taken the time to figure out how to take care of my hair. For years, I have done the same thing every morning, use a super hot straightener to try and smooth out my ‘not quite wavy’ but ‘not quite straight’ hair. I have been an avid every other day washer, which means a lot of time spent blow drying.

Overall, I have not been great to my hair with all of the heat and washing I have put it through. Not to mention all of the time I have to spend trying to make my mane presentable!

With a full-time job, and kids, my time is precious, and I would much rather spend it with my family or living my life. Not in the bathroom working on my hair. Especially since I had just been doing the same style every day since middle school!

Through the use of some pretty nifty tools, I have come to really enjoy styling my hair and spend less time fussing over hair because my styles last longer and I go more days (think 6-8 days) in between washes.


Here is a list of the products that have helped me save tons of time styling my hair!




The Revlon Volumizer

This is a tool combines a round brush and a blow dryer into one – which is amazing because I could never manage to hold a round brush and a blow dryer to successfully dry my hair since I am not an octopus with 8 arms.  Using this blowdryer has but my drying time in half and now I can dry my medium length hair in about 5 minutes with this Volumizer.

It is also called the Volumizer for a reason. Since it is part round brush, It is super helpful with adding volume in my hair and creating a much more sleek look. When I used my regular blow dryer, I got a lot of extra frizz that I had to go back and fix with a straightener or other hot tool. But with this Revlon Volumizer, I can just use one tool and feel completely styled and ready to walk out the door.

You don’t have to take my word for it though – just check out the over 4,500 reviews on Amazon. This product has a cult following that is full of soccer moms and busy women.


So over the last couple of months, I have been working on lengthening the time in between my hair washes and I am now proud to say that I can go 7-8 days without washing my hair BEFORE IT LOOKS GREASY.

Which really means that I could fo 9-10 days if I wanted to wear a hat or a hair scarf and push it a little longer. Unfortunately, I have an odd shaped head and hats never seem to fit quite right. I digress.

I use two different types of dry shampoo. One is lighter, and I use it a couple of days after I wash my hair, and the other is a bit thicker and I use it every other day between days 3-8.

The lighter dry shampoo that I love is the Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder. It is a little pricier than I’d like for dry shampoo, but since I don’t use it very often, I am ok with the splurge. And a little bit goes a long way with this stuff. It is kind of like baby powder in texture so it is easy to get it everywhere if you aren’t careful. I put just a little bit directly on to a few key places on my scalp and then rub it in. It is really great to apply this at night so you can be on the offense against any grease that builds up while you sleep.

The other dry shampoo I use is my holy grail of dry shampoos. It is thick without leaving a white coating on your hair and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling like you have tons of built up product (even after multiple days of use). The Hask brand dry shampoo is great, but I have found especially great success with the Coconut version. I don’t know what it is, but it is for sure a different formula than their Charcoal Dry Shampoo (which I liked but it left more build up in my hair than the Coconut version). This dry shampoo has been key to allowing me to save time by going a week in between washes and is not expensive. Bonus – it’s on Amazon Prime.


I think I may have broken up with my straightener this year. The hair tool that I have been loyal to since I was in the 8th grade. But I have found a new love.

The curling wand.

I used to think that I had hair that wouldn’t hold curls. I found some success curling it with a straightener, but even then, the curls were gone by bedtime.

I purchased a Lange Ondlue Curling Wand a few months ago and that puppy has helped me keep curl and body in my hair for up to 4 days at a time. That time adds up since I used to spend 5-10 minutes daily straightening my hair.

And if you are worried about learning how to use a curling wand – I highly suggest checking out Jasmine Rae on Instagram and watching her story highlight titled Wand Curling. I got so many tricks from her stories!


Using a boar bristle brush is so good for your hair. I use mine to just brush out the hair at the top of my head, closest to my scalp. If you are trying to go longer in between washes, this is pretty critical. On days where I don’t bush my hair with the boar bristle brush, I can tell that my hair is greasier and has less volume by the evening.

This type of brush really helps push around the natural oils that your scalp produces so that they don’t build up right at the root and cause that greasy look.

You should use a separate brush for the ends of your hair if you want to keep your curls intact. I like the Wet Brush set and this wet brush actually seems to have a cult following with the women in my church. And all of them have lovely hair.


Ok so this is not technically a “hair tool” but it does a lot of heavy lifting on making you look like I imagine Beyonce does when she wakes up in the morning (Flawless).

How much time would it save if you woke up and your hair looked ready to go? I can’t promise you that will happen every night, but silk pillowcases cause less friction on your hair so you are less likely to get frizz, cowlicks and other fun hair issues that you normally have take time to tame in the morning. If you plan on going multiple days without washing your hair, or just want to wake up with a less frizzy mane, I highly suggest adding a silk pillowcase to your bed. You can splurge on a pricy option like the SlipSilk Pillowcases which are adorable or get one for much less on Amazon. They do the same job and are both better for your hair than cotton!


If you are going to go for long-lasting style, you’ve got to use a good hairspray. There are lots of great sprays out there and they work differently on different hair textures. I have pretty fine hair and have found good success with the Living Proof hair spray and the Garnier Fructis Strong Hold Spray. The Living Proof brand is a little more expensive so I try to use the Garnier Fructis stuff more frequently since it is much more affordable.


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These tools have helped me save so much time, and as a working mom with little kids, time is something I really value!

By being able to wash my hair less, I am streamlining a huge part of my morning and evening routines. And I love that my hair stays looking fresher longer without much maintenance.


If you have any other holy grail hair tools, let me know in the comments! And if you want to save this list of products for you to refer back to, go ahead and Pin it for later!


Time Saving Hair Products for Moms


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