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Tips to Make Your First Sale on Poshmark

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Whether you are looking for a quick way to make cash or slowly cleaning out your closet – Poshmark is your new best friend. Poshmark is an online clothing resale app that makes it super easy to sell your clothes for cash. Below are 5 tips to help you make your first sale on Poshmark and start turning your clothes into cash.


Poshmark is really user-friendly for both the buyer and seller. You post clothes, someone buys your clothes, then Poshmark will email you a shipping slip, you put your item in a box and drop it in the mail! Poshmark will pay you when the buyer receives their items, and you can use those funds within the app to buy new clothes or cash out.


If you can find five items in your closet that you don’t wear anymore and are still in good condition, then you should certainly be using Poshmark.




  1. Take Good Pictures

One of the most important things to do to draw shoppers in is to make sure you take great photos. I would suggest using a white blanket and laying it on the floor to lay your clothes on top of when taking photos. This will help your colors pop and it is better to have no distractions in the background of the photo.


Be sure that your clothes aren’t wrinkled and if you need to hang the item up so that pleats fall correctly. If there are any details that make your item unique, like pockets, be sure to get a close-up shot of that. Most buyers also like to see a picture of the brand label and the clothing care tag.


If you can, I would recommend setting your Covershot as a photo of the item from the website of the store you purchased it from. Those are professional photos and will show much better than almost anything you can take. It is definitely not a deal breaker if you can’t find the original posting from J.Crew, but it does help attract buyers!


  1. Follow others

If you are just starting out on Poshmark, you need to increase your number of followers. These people don’t have to be friends or even people that you really know. The more people you follow, the more people will follow you. And the more people that follow you, the more sales you will make.


Follow people that are posting similar items as you. Poshmark makes it easy to search for items by brand. Pick the brands similar to the items you are selling and follow 10 others who are posting items from those brands. Aim to follow 1,000+ people. Once people start following you back, Poshmark will start recognizing you as someone who is worth recommending to other users and you will get more followers that way.


  1. Share other listings


If you want to get more love from the Poshmark algorithm, then you need to show love to Poshmark. Start by sharing listings from sellers that have a lot of followers and a lot of likes on their listings. You want to establish that you are someone that is going to post good quality items that other users are interested in.


Also, after you share someone’s items, they are more likely to follow you back and share your items as well. Which is obviously also a big plus because you are then reaching their followers!


  1. Reshare Your Listings


When you first post your listing, it is automatically shared with your followers, but if you don’t let that be the last time you share it. If your listing only gets shared that one time, it will get buried quickly and never seen again. And then nobody will buy your clothes and you will have to keep them forever in a pile in the corner of your bedroom waiting to be sold. We don’t want that.


Be sure that you are sharing your listings every 10 days or so. It is totally fine to share the same thing multiple times until it gets sold!


  1. Participate in Parties


Poshmark hosts “Parties” where you can share your items and they are seen by tons of people who aren’t in your network of followers. These parties are mostly held on the weekend and you will only be able to share those items during the designated Party time.


The great part about these parties is that they are really targeted. Like there might be one for “Office Attire” or “J.Crew and Banana Republic Items Only”. So you know that the people who are searching for clothes in those parties are looking for specific things and it just so happens that you are selling exactly those things! Match made in heaven.


You can sell pretty much anything on Poshmark. Kids clothes, work out pants, your old prom dress. You name it, someone is looking to buy it on Poshmark.


Use these tips to help make your first sale on Poshmark and start rolling in the cash!

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