Tools to Boost your Quiet Time

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Having consistent time with God is an absolute game changer for me in my daily life. There is absolutely a difference in my patience level on days I don’t have a quiet time. While you don’t need anything more than some prayer and a Bible to have a successful quiet time, I do have a few tools that help to keep me focused!


Write The Word Journal

I love the Write the Word Journals because it is such a good way to help memorize scripture and really imprint it upon your heart. You are more likely to remember something when you write it down as opposed to just reading it. Don’t believe me because I am not a scientist (wise choice on your part) – The Association for Psychological Science can back me up.

One of the great things about the Write the Word Journals is that there are five versions and they each contain verses that focus on a differnt topic (Faith, Gratitude, Hope, Joy and Renewal). You can pick just one (or two) or buy the whole set.

There is plently of space to add on a daily prayer list after writing down each set of scriptures, which I have really enjoyed.

Write the Word Journals

Blue Letter Bible App


I found this app recently and it really is a game changer. If you like to nerd out about scriptures and compare translations and look up the meanings of words in the original Greek or Hebrew, you need to download this app. Did I mention it is free?

I love that you can compare translations side by side as you go through scripture. And that it is so easy to get down to the root and origin of every word. There is also commentary for passeges as well that you can use if you have further questions.

Of course it does all of the typical stuff like allows for highlighting and note taking as you go through scriptrure, but if you are looking for an instensive Bible study companion, the Blue Letter Bible is your BFF.



An Awesome Bible


This seems like a given if you are going to be doing your quiet time with the Lord, but if you are in the market for a new Bible I can strongly recommend the Life Application Bible (great commentary) and the She Reads Truth Bible (great margins).

A friend of mine let me sample her Apologetics Study Bible, which also seems like a great tool to add if you are ever worried about what will happen if you ever have to defend your faith. Or even if you are always worried that someone will ask you why you believe in the truth of Jesus. This Bible answers questions like “Should we look at the seven days of Genesis literally?”. Um, yeah – I’ve got some questions for you Bible.

Looking for more Bible details? Check out my full review of the She Reads Truth Bible.


Worship Music


I love adding some sweet music to my quiet times, if I am not doing my quiet time while also partially entertaining a one-year old (who seems to be going on 13; read: MOODY). Since I have added an Amazon Echo to our home, I typically just say “Alexa, play Christian music” and she gives me a great playlist. But if I just have my phone, I love Shane and Shane, Psalms Vol. II. It is incredible.


Good Pens and Highlighters.

I love getting to look back on passages and the notes I have taken over the years. Don’t be afraid to get messy in your Bible! I like to write down the date I made the note so that when I come back across it, I am reminded of what all God has done since that time. I think I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Papermate Flair pens and their multi colored greatness that speaks to a part of me that wishes I was diciplined enough to stick to a color coding system. But I am learning to love the Muji Gel Pens and their inability to bleed through even the thinnest of pages.

I promise I am not trying to be dramatic. I just take pens very seriously.



What do you use to boost your quiet time? Do you have a favorite Bible Study guide or devotional? I would love to hear about it and check it out!

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