Valentine’s Day Outfits for Toddlers

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Valentine’s Day is coming up and what parent can resist all of the adorable pink and red outfit options for their toddlers.

Since my daughter will grow out of her current Valentine’s day outfit by the time the holiday rolls around next year, I try to be really thrifty about what I spend on these seasonal outfits. Bonus points if it doesn’t explicitly say “VALENTINE’S DAY” on it so we can wear it again without looking out of place.

Here are a few of the great outfit options I have found to celebrate a LOVEly holiday (get it?!) for the toddler in your life!

**Several of these items are from Gymboree, and all of their merch is 50% off right now as they are sadly closing their doors. While I hate to lose a great kid’s clothing retailer, it is nice to be able to stock up on some great stuff at an insane discount! If you would like to shop the entire Gymboree sale, click here.


These cute heart leggings would make any white shirt an adorable Valentine’s Day outfit. 


This Ombre Heart Sweatshirt from Gymboree will be a good purchase to wear all of spring!


These cute heart printed dresses are perfect for a little Valentine’s Day fun. You can get the red and white heart print for a perfect tie into the holiday, or go with the blue and gold hearts to make it a little less obvious that this was a Valentine’s Day number.


This is actually the outfit that we bought from Target. This super cute little heart print dress is subtle so we can wear it the rest of the year. And the red cowboy boots are something I have been on the hunt for since Kinsley was born!




A lot of my friends have boys and they always have cute outfits for every holiday. I am looking forward to meeting our little boy in May and getting to dress him up in some of this cute stuff for years to come!


Like this little “Mr. Irrisistable” sweatshirt that would be a total winner.


This CRUSH shirt would be a great shirt to wear on a day other than Valentine’s Day as well. Cheers for multiuse!


I feel like this shirt describes how a lot of my friends feel like their toddler sons are right now. All Hearts for mama atleast!


So cute! And appropriately vintage for your future musician!



Happy Valentine’s Day! Where is your favorite place to get clothes for holidays like Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!


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